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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ tháng năm 4, 2017

Nude girls celebrate Manchester United's victory in the Europa League

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These beautiful girls are Manchester United fans. They were late in the showdown celebrating Marcus Rashford's first goal in the first leg against Celta Vigo.


The beautiful red carpet stars met gala 2017

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The beautiful red carpet stars met gala 2017.

Met Gala event was one of the hottest fashion events in the world last week. At the event hosted by Vogue, which has the world's leading stardom, including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid .... Met Gala and Met Gala event. It's a party night, but it's just like the "battlefield" where the beauties show off their influence in fashion.
In addition to the distinctive wings of the Commes des garcons brand, at the Met Gala and the Met Gala party, many beautiful women choose bold style. Kendall Jenner's dewy wings, Liu Wen turned them into gorgeous goddesses on the red carpet.
Also at the Met Gala, Bella Hadid was startling with a 90% cut-and-welt outfit. It can be said never Met Gala red carpet so "flaming" like that!