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Dare to "undress" for Brazil but hot girl decided not to do WAG

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Daiane Novais is a beautiful young face, like Barbie dolls, but the body makes people breathe. By revealing that I am a fan of Atletico Sorocaba - the club is currently playing Serie C (Brazilian Third Division), this team is suddenly popular and she also receives the attention of fans around the world. Particularly Daiane's personal Twitter page has attracted 400,000 followers.
Look at the beauty of Daiane Novais, a beauty like spring fruit nine in spring, plus the spirit of cheering always burning, do not blame the Brazilian team increasingly flourish.


Looking beautiful girls will help men increase their memory and motivation to work

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The same thing happened to the sisters watching the handsome boys.
Previously, controversy over whether watching a beautiful face distracted or increased workloads took place but never reached a final conclusion. However, a study by scientists at East Carolina University ended the debate. It asserts that people with eye-catching looks will stimulate those around them to work better because of their increased memory and motivation.