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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ tháng mười một 19, 2017

Phi Huyen Trang is an actress and model who is being loved by cyber community.

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This girl has beautiful face and hot appearance. Trang Phi was fortunate to receive the support and encouragement from family when deciding to pursue the artistic path. This is also the motivation for her to overcome difficulties in work. The roles she acted as a gentle, lovely character. Coming soon, Trang Phi plans to try in more character-driven roles with more introspective and psychological.
The expressive face and her perfect curve make the set look good to the viewer.

"Kim Le Pottery Girl"

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The girl in the pottery village strikes netizens in 2017. She has a charming body, a fascinated female beauty. Girls represent the village pottery civilization. She wants to promote her traditional products to the world.


Beautiful Glasses: The Road to Sexy Fulls (Part 2)

Hình ảnh
Hot girl Ha West Russia is not a new face, also foreign to young Vietnamese. The girl born in 1991 has been known as a model, actor and staff in the game industry, technology and has participated in the contest Hanoi students. 
Nga West is also known as a body-painting model, collaborating with many famous painters and photographers, presenting many impressive works. She owns a height of 1m67, weighs 50 kg, measured three rounds of standard.
Co-starred with Nga Tay - Quynh Ruby is also a famous model in HCMC, was photographed by her fans and fans to the image of a hot sexy sexy girl.
Long legs Sai born in 1990 has a beautiful face, hot body with the measurement of three impressive rounds 86 - 60 - 90. This Nha Trang girl has stormed with the "cool" image of the wild horse.